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WTF Beer Brew Salts

Published on: Jul 28 2014 by admin

WTF Beer Brew Salts. In the first Inaugural post of WTF Beer where I’ll cover some of the oddities that are found out there in the craft beer world. For this one we have Brew Salts. So mustaches and Bowler hats are pretty popular right now or douchey depending on your perspective. Well now there is a productive called brew salt that pays homage to this douchiness by stirring salt into your beer. Yeah you know that craft beer you just paid 5-7 dollars for. Well now you can completely fuck it up with some flavored salt. Just like the original brewer intended. I’m sure the brewer was thinking, I’m going to make a delicious brown ale and hopefully some ass hat will pour some chocolate flavored sea salt into. That is how I envision all of my brews being drunk from now on. With sea salt.

Well rest easy everyone. I guess not a whole lot of people thought it sounded like a good idea either. They have only 30 backers and 9 days to go. So it looks like if you want to pour salt of some other spices into your beer to fuck up the taste you will have to do that on your own. Maybe sprinkle a little cumin in your Mexican lager. Maybe some paprika into your stout. The possibilities are endless. If you would like to contribute to this abomination you can check it out over here.

Brew Salt

A salt you put in your beer to give it flavor or more salty. Who knows or cares.

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