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Who Made Who

Published on: Jun 12 2015 by admin

Who made who? Who made your beer that is. Also I now have that AC/DC song stuck in my head. I guess it could be worse. Could be a Katy Perry song. A lot of these you probably know. I didn’t know for instance how many micro brews that the Boston Beer Co. is creating. They seem to be creating micro brews under the appearance of being a new local start-up. Where InBev lets the actual new breweries achieve some sort of local fame and success then snatch them up. It will be interesting to see if the fake micro brew strategy works. Traveler seems to be doing OK.

Then there is a whole bunch of crap that I didn’t even care who brews in up there in the middle. Like Red Dog? Didn’t even know that was still around. The fact that Founders is partially owned kind of surprised me.

who made who

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