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Mustang Brewery visit in OKC

Published on: Dec 27 2014 by admin

Mustang Brewery visit in OKC

Mustang Brewery visit in OKC. Mustang Brewery located in OKC because the city of Mustang didn’t want a brewery in their city limits or the foresight to see the craft beer boom that Oklahoma is experiencing. Well that is to bad for Mustang but good for OKC, also it’s a closer drive from my parents house. I have had the Mustang beer on visits to the parents for the holidays for years now. Them and Choc and Battered Boar used to be all there was. They were one of the first breweries in the area to bottle. Now they have an established setup and a very nice tap room. They give actual facility tours every 30 minutes I believe and upon entering you get 4 beer tickets to get 4 samples.

As far as samples go they had quite a selection. They had 8 beers on tap. I was lucky enough to have someone give me their extra tickets so I was able to sample all the ones I have not had yet. I really liked the Strawshita Wheat and the Rocket Fuel. Rocket fuel was a 9% ABV pale ale and almost seems like a IPA. I dug it though. Stawshita is a take on there Washita Wheat and taste like a beer with strawberry lemonade mixed in it. I don’t mean that in a bad way either it is quite tasty.

The atmosphere was pretty laid back and their was plenty of room. They have a gift shop in the front and the tap room connects to the front. Their are several tables and standing room counters in the tap room. They had beans and rice to eat while I was there. You can buy one of their logo glasses and they will fill it while you are there. Not all the way but about a half pour. Come on it’s a free sample. They also do growler fills of their 3.2% beer. I highly recommend checking them out in case you are up that way.

Also of note I also had their Mustang Jimmy Chili Stout. It was really good and can be found at Skinny Slim’s in Edmond.

You can also find out more about them and their beer here.


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