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Kafkaesque the beer you can’t spell

Published on: Jan 15 2015 by admin

Kafkaesque the beer you can’t spell. If you don’t know who Kafka is, he considered one of the great authors of last century. I have only read Metamorphosis. I think it might have been required reading before No Child Left Behind and Common Core. Now I think required Literature for 9th grade English is Everyone Poops. Anyway I digress. If interested I believe you can download his books for free because they in public domain now. Stuff used to go to public domain back in the day before the evil bastards at Disney decide to change the time frame for their God damned Steamboat Willie. Did it again.

OK, so Martin House has this awesome sounding beer they are tapping for their tour tonight and giving away some pretty sweet drink ware to go with it. You can view pics of the drink ware below. Now if you are not familiar Martin House Tours start at 6pm and are $10 and include the awesome glass below and 3 pints of Martin House beer of your choice. One fill can include the new beer Kafkaesque. Get there early because I know you will want some of that. It is an Imperial Smoked Black Rye Oaked Raspberry IPA. Not having had it myself I don’t even know what to imagine. It’s Martin House though so I imagine it being good.


Kafkaesque the beer you can't spell

I don’t need another glass but I do. Maybe I’m a hoarder just like my parents?

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