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Four Corners Brewery Tour

Published on: Jun 18 2014 by admin

Four Corners Brewery tour. It is one of the most authentic brewery tours next to Franconia. Only you get more beer at Franconia. Four Corners the brewery that got Dallas to change their zoning laws and pissing off Deep Ellum Brewery and Lakewood off in the process. That has been years now and all is probably forgotten about that by now. At the tour you do get a few free samples and then encouraged to buy a beer for $5 at the all day ale house afterwards which you will of course do. They do not provide a block party atmosphere like most of the other beers around the area do. I like their beer but the tours are a been there done that type of affair. Although I do like the intimate setting and reminds me of what Rahr tours were kind of like before everyone in Fort Worth found out that was a cheap way to get loaded before heading over to Martin House afterwards to get totally trashed. They just need to add the pint glass and 3 pours for $10 or keep the glass and just give me the beer. Lord knows I do not need another damn pint glass.

So anyway get some great beer at the all day ale house which is also open during the week. Then if you are hungry go over to LUCK or across the street for some BBQ. If you have not done it I suggest doing it once but after that you would only need to go if you cannot get their beer at Craft and Growler or the Common Table or another place that offers a wide selection of Local beers. Now Four Corners special events on the other hand are a whole other story. Food, Music and drinks for kids. Their is a tire swing for the little ones and plenty of room to move around.

Tour Information

Location: 423 Singleton Bvd, Dallas, TX 75212

Phone:(214) 748-2739



Tour Times: 12 and 1:30 on Saturdays. Limited to 40 people.

Tour Cost: is free and samples are free.

Bathrooms: Several bathrooms outside and 1 inside.

Food: No.

Bands: No

Dogs: No

Kids: Yes

Parking: This place has a huge parking log and for the 40 person tours no worries on parking here.

Space: The space at Four Corners is huge. They have the All day taproom and plenty of picnic tables outside. to accommodate the 40 people the tour allows.four corners brewery tor

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