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Brunch Money and WunderMelon beer

Published on: Jan 06 2015 by admin

Brunch Money and WunderMelon beer. So awesome gift for Christmas. Some saved WunderMelon and Brunch Money bottles for yours truly. I imagine that how well they did that we haven’t seen the last of them. As for now they are stated as a limited release. Now if that means unless they sell really well they are limited or maybe like dogfish head releases some beers every couple of years who knows. Anyway got to enjoy a couple of these anyway.


First impression is that it poured a nice golden color. It smells like a watermelon jolly rancher. I mean that in a good way. I saw where they used a ton of watermelon juice for this beer and it come through. I like the lightness of a Kolsch mixed with the tartness of the watermelon mixed in. I love when a brewer uses real strained fruit or melon as opposed to just dropping in flavoring. I didn’t even mind the bits of watermelon pulp in the bottom of my glass. This is a great summertime beer. So you can pretty much drink it 9 months out of the year in Texas. I liked this beer a lot and hoping they produce it again.

Brunch Money

I love this label. This Golden Stout certainly pours golden. It smells kind of like coffee. It has a more unique flavor than I was expecting. This is the darkest tasting light beer I have had. It taste of coffee, chocolate maybe vanilla. Lots going on. It’s also 10% ABV. So make sure you are on your lunch break before you break this bad boy open for lunch. With this and Wundermelon can’t wait to sample what they will have coming out in 2015. Especially with their new facility coming online in Denton.

To read more about Armadillo Ale works you can check out their site here.

Brunch Money and WunderMelon beer

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