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Best Gas Station Beer Ever

Published on: Jan 23 2015 by admin

Best Gas Station Beer Ever. Everyone likes a session ale to drink while watching football or for dinner. Save the heaver stuff when you have to spend the evening at your in-laws house. Well thanks to Oklahoma law which requires anything over a certain ABV % to be shipped hot and sit in room temperature at a liquor store and never to be bought on a Sunday. Well that lives you with the usual suspects. Not very good ones mind you. Maybe you can get the fake craft ones like Blue Moon or Killians Red. I did see some Boulevard so all is not hopeless. To help with your selection local brewers have started to brew some lower ABV % beers to sell at the grocery store.

The two I picked up were by Coop Ale Works in Oklahoma City. Spare Rib is a flavorful pale ale. It is really tasty for a 4% ABV beer. Maybe my impressions were swayed by the fact that I wasn’t expecting much to begin with so the fact that it was very drinkable made me think it was awesome. Who knows. I will definitely grab some more next time I’m visiting the family. It pours a light gold. It has a nice hoppy notes kind of citrus. Very good for gas station beer. I’m not calling it gas station beer, it says that on the back of the can.


The second beer was a brown ale called Briefcase Brown. This like the one before is a light 4% ABV beer. This one also is pretty flavorful. It has a nice caramel chocolate notes. It pours a light brown color. Has a lighter colored brown head on it. Very good ale. So if you find yourself in Oklahoma on a Sunday don’t despair. You can still pick up some decent beer at the grocery store.

Also if you haven’t had anything else by Coop Ale Works check out their Porter and DNR.

Check out more of Coop Ale Works beer here.


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